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YoWindow Unlimited Edition 2.0 Full + Serial

Unless you are in the wilderness and have to pay attention to how high birds fly or the way smoke rises to the sky, getting your weather reports is a simple matter of pushing a few buttons. There are TV channels dedicated to providing this sort of information all day long. And, if you’re using a computer, retrieving the details on the state of the weather in your area of residence is easy as pie.

Also, there are plenty of widgets you can pin on the desktop to give you a hint on what to wear when going outside. Not to mention the plethora of websites ready to provide you with not only the basic temperature information, but also details on pressure, wind intensity and direction, precipitations, etc. All this, but in a very fun and organized manner is available in YoWindow, a Flash application that connects to the Internet and retrieves meteorological data about a location of your choice in an instant.
YoWindow is the new generation of weather program.
The magic of YoWindow is the living landscape that reflects actual weather.

1. Picture reflecting actual weather - clouds, rain/snow, grass swaying with the wind, fog, thunderstorms.
2. True astronomical calculations - Sun and Moon, daylight.
3. Move in time! Watch the weather forecast exactly at the moment you need it.
4. Seasons change in sync with nature.
5. Animated landscapes - Village, Seaside, Airport plus 1400+ picture basedlandscapes.
6. Full featured weather station - lots of information.
7. Surprises :)
The Good

The entire concept of weather station around YoWindow is amazing. The application retrieves a complete set of details from the Internet anddisplays it in a fun and easy-to-handle manner.

Learning the weather predictions is interactive and fun, as you get to see all the stages of the day from dawn to dusk, hour by hour, as well as move to future days. The application can be used as a screensaver and support for PWS is always a benefit of the program.

The Bad

The resource usage when configuring the application or simply navigating through the interface is not something to be overlooked.

Weather details are not collected instantly from the Internet and the update lag may not be appreciated by the great majority of users. Also, a lower price for the full version would be more appealing.

The Truth

If you want to learn about the weather outside, all you have to do is check the landscape in the application. It’ll give you all the hints you need in order to pick the right clothes when going out. YoWindow makes for a great weather station that presents all the data in a fun and creative way.  

Register in a state OFFLINE
Use the software in a state ONLINE
Do not UPDATE the program because it will be blacklisted serial 
Minimal requirements
Pentium 1GHz (Recommended: Pentium 1.8GHz or greater)
Internet Explorer installed 
Password : www.dytoshare.us
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